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Gold Canyon Embroidery & Boutique LLC


We offer a wide selection of high quality cotton and cotton/poly blend garments. 

We have Caps, Cowboy Hats, Canvas Bags & Totes, Blankets, Towels & Linens available. 

Or if you like, bring us your new garment or item for us to embroider for you!


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Embroidery Basics  

Embroidery is an age-old craft that has evolved through the latest Technology to become one of the most popular and durable ways to embellish garments and resort wear. The equipment used to embroider all our garments is state of the art, and is computerized, with speeds of up to 1200 stitches per minute. Our logos are proofed out on sample materials to be sure their appearance and wear ability will be of the highest caliber. All our Embroidered garments are of the highest quality fabrics, and when available are 100% COTTON

GOLD CANYON EMBROIDERY  will strive to supply only the finest quality garments and attractive embroidery logos available.

Some Common Questions about Embroidery:

1.      Why does an embroidered T-Shirt cost more than a printed one?

Screen Printed Shirts use an ink method of coloring the garment; usually in time some of the color may wash out or disappear all together. Embroidery when washed properly will last a lifetime. Launder as you do your normal color wash using little or no bleach,Swiss Replica Watches as in extreme conditions, some thread dyes may be bleached out. Tumble-dry gently, low heat. As there are different quality Embroidery shops, there is different quality Screen Print Shops.

2.      Why does this T Shirt cost a little more than others?

We buy only the finest 100% COTTON Heavyweight T-Shirts available, longer lasting, more comfortable, and more durable to wear. In addition, Colored and Stone Washed T-Shirts usually cost more.

3.      What is the thin plastic film I sometimes see on a few of the Embroidered Garments?

This material that appears to be like Saran Wrap, is actually called Solvy. It is water soluble topping that is used in the Embroidery process to give a more crisp appearance to the stitching. Used mainly on Towels, Sweaters and some Golf Shirts, most is removed upon final inspection?? any remnants will wash away in the laundry! Solvy increases the appearance and quality of the Embroidery!

4.      Why may some Embroidery Designs cost more than others do?

Typically, Embroidery is priced based on stitch count of the design: meaning that the more stitches that are in the finished design, the more cost for the embroidery, then there is the additional charge for the actual garment. On most garments we sell, the highest cost going into our products are the actual EMBROIDERY that has gone into it, not the cost of the garment. Embroidery takes time; typically most of our designs are around 12,000 stitches, with our Jacket Back & Sweatshirt Designs running up to 35,000 stitches. Our usual Jacket Back Design may have fifteen thread color changes and may take up to 90 minutes on a machine to complete! In addition to all this, the actual Logo that is created has been programmed by an individual using special software, sometimes hours of their time, and then translated into a compatible language that the embroidery machine can understand. Throughout the process we use only select ingredients, to serve to you what we feel is the finest Embroidered Resort and Leisure Wear at a good price. Gold Canyon Embroidery embroiders all products, here in Gold Canyon, Arizona!

Or Contact Us: goldcanyonembroidery@msn.com